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Repap x NIFT

Design institutes, such as National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) utilise paper for a variety of purposes, for display backing, projects, decoration, drawing, modelling, pattern-making and a multitude of others. It’s no surprise, then, that they also produce a colossal amount of paper waste daily. Much of this paper is used only partially or on one side, and is generally good quality paper that students have spent a lot of money on. 


We decided to place cartons throughout the NIFT Delhi campus, encouraging students to segregate recyclable and upcycle-worthy paper waste from everything else. 


Even our posters were pieced together using previously used paper, printed on top. 


Our jackpot paper collection came from a Visual Merchandising display, for which hundreds of plain sheets in white and shades of blue were folded into origami planes. Other than the creases due to the folding, the paper was plain and perfectly usable from both sides. 


In a labour intensive process, we straightened out the paper by opening up all the folds and straightening it, under weights (and using a steam iron for the most stubborn creases!). Finally, we turned it to almost-new paper, and this is what it was used for! 

Is your organisation also guilty of producing a large amount of paper waste? We’d be happy to collaborate with you and conduct a collection drive at your school/ college workplace! Do contact us at

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